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Understanding Emotional Intelligence Skills!

Job Search Techniques

Winning Resume Writing for Results

How to Write a Cover Letter?

Interview Skills Workshop

Interview Techniques and Skills

Winning Interview for Professionals

Mentoring Skills and Applications

Successfully Coaching and Mentoring Individuals and Teams

Certificate in Coaching Skills for Managers and Directors

Small Business Start-up

Launching Your Business Online

Role of Social Media in Small Business

How Small Business Use Facebook and Twitter

Easy Ways to Create Contents for Your Business Blog

Negotiating For Success in Business

Human Resources for Newly Assiged HR Responsibilities

Certificate in Managing People

Human Resource Management

Certificate in Management Skills for Supervisors

Certificate in Conflict Management

English Learning for Managers

Customer Service Training

Understanding Emotional Intelligence Skills!

Business professionals who understand the connection between emotions and actions and can apply EI skills to maximize effectiveness have a stand-out advantage in any organization.

This course will help increase confidence and skill with useful insights into how emotions shape your behavior and how you can use them to inspire high performance; and turning emotional intelligence into your strategic advantages.

This course focuses on various job search strategies through traditional and non-traditional methods enabling the job seekers to get organized, have a plan, schedule and goals for the job search

This course focuses on how-to write a winning resume for results as your strategy to as to how resulted-oriented resumes generate efficacious results getting job interviews with tips and techniques to follow.

This course focuses on the importance of cover letter and how to introduce yourself presenting your qualifications to show your potential employer that you are the potential candidate for the advertised position.

A most wanted workshop suitable for new entrants into job market who will learn interview process; its techniques, sample questions and how to have lasting impression. Equally useful for team leaders looking for promotion.

This course focuses on job interview, its types, stages, and interviewing techniques and skills enabling you to demonstrate that your experience and qualifications meet the requirements of the job.

Knowing yourself is the basic principle of winning interview that will let you know in this course. From getting started through dressing for various types of interviews. Mock interviews are also arranged with prior approval.

Learn to know how mentoring skills are acquired and applied in various academic, career, and workplace settings.

A structured skills development program to modyfy your coaching style to suit each employee and customize development plans to match to his/her learning styles.

This certificate program will let you learn the coaching skills used to motivate, inspire, and engage your staff to achieve performance levels not previously thought possible.

This course focuses on small business start-up’s various factors that need to be taken care of to ensure success in launching your new small business.

This course develops an easy ‘how-to’ steps to launch your business online, which saves your time and money in the long run.

Conventional marketing channels are overtaken by the social marketing. This course lets you know how to maximize your chances of business success through proactively using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

An interactive media, now social media plays crucial role for small business. The course is focused how small businesses are using Facebook and Twitter to generate links for their business

A skilled based course for small business owners to know how they can create effective contents for their business blogs to attract traffic.

This course will let you know the proven techniques to communicate, persuade and use power effectively duing negotiations.

A crash course covering key issues and best HR Practices for those who are asked to take new or greater HR Responsibilities.

Manage your career for success and develop new leadership and behavior styles which will accommodate the changing work environment.

This course focuses on how to manage the most important resource – Human Resource, its role and functions in the organization; explaining various HR job terms; and organization HR Policy and Strategy

A certificate program for new and experienced frontline managers, supervisors and team leaders.

This course will let you know how to mediate complex cases, deal with power imbalances, address harassment issues, deal withpeople who lie, mediate multi-party disputes and implement a dispute resolutions system.

This course focuses on daily use english providing various exercises and tests to learn english by students becoming managers and equally useful for all executives who want to improve their daily use english.

Learn valuable skills that you can take with you throughout your career and find out what you can expect when working in customer service department.

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