Moodle – LMS Solution

Learning Beyond Classroom – Solution for Academia & Corporate Sector


Today learning is beyond the confines of the physical classroom for which the Moodle Learning Management System is the Leading LMS solution for Academia and Corporate Sectors.My Open University is in the business and knows your world. We bring eLearning to your people to ensure your success through Moodle – Learning Management System.

One of the world best LMS, Moodle is a flexible, free soft-ware and open source learning solution. Moodle is considered best online training requirements mostly by academia, businesses, corporations, health sector and public sector.

We provide flexible, customized and engaged eLearning to meet your training and development needs with following benefits:

  • Standardization: University My Open eLearning ensure that your employees learn the same thing to avoid inconsistency in training.
  • Monitoring – University My Open eLearning keeps employees training and progress so you can easily figure out employees who are ready for next positions

Our services include:

  • Moodle installation for Windows
  • Adding and uploading user accounts
  • Development of moodle courses
  • Creating moodle tests and quiz
  • Enrolling participants into course

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