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My Open University offers online training programs for you. Choose one for you out of this variety of courses in the following broad categories:

Free Online Course “Understanding Emotional Intelligence Skills”
Starting 21 November, 2016 through 09 December, 2016
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Career in Aviation

A career in the ever-growing Aviation Sector is not only demanding but also very rewarding. Its role in traveling, commerce, and trade is of vital importance. You need to consider various options for job in aviation that best suits your skills, aptitude and ambition from where you can map your approach for job before launching a rewarding career
From flight attendant to airline pilot in airlines; and from air traffic assistant to air traffic controller, and many other disciplines of civil aviation includes a lot of positions for which demand is constant factor in the job market like:   Air Traffic Assistant, Air Traffic Controller, Aviation Instructor, Fire Fighter to Fire Officer, and host of jobs in Air Navigation and Airport Services Apply Here  .

Training in Aviation

If you are interested in the many opportunities available in the aviation management sector, here is what you need to know. We provide basic job-oriented-training, career mentoring, and consultancy in aviation sectors to our clients.

Our Aviation Career Experts have specifically developed following courses as per practice of the industry out of which you can choose any or many course as a part of landing on your dream job in aviation sector Apply Here  .

  • Becoming an Air Traffic Assistants
  • Becoming an Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aviation Management – Basic
  • Airport Management – Basic
  • Aviation Law – Basic
  • Becoming an Aviation Instructor
  • Aviation Safety and Security
  • Fire Fighting Awareness
  • Fire Investigation Procedures – Basic
  • Disaster and Risk Management

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Small Business Strategies

Starting your business is a very challenging process. Various issues are to be addressed like what you need to do; where to start; how to go about; and how to finance, build a team Apply Here  .

Business Structure: There are various things to consider when setting up your business structure, which including following types of business structure :

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Society
  • Cooperative

Registering Your Business: You need proof of business registration to open a bank account, apply for loans, and many other business start up and business building activities. This registration process consists of:

  • Selecting and getting approval of your business name; and
  • Registering your business – getting business license to operate

Starting Your Business Checklist

  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Market Research
  • Getting and Managing Finances
  • Deciding on Business Structure
  • Business Name
  • Registering Business
  • Opening Bank Account (s)
  • Making Business Website
  • Payments and Taxes
  • Obtaining Business License
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Insurance
  • Hiring Employees
  • Building Teams and Progress
  • Record Management

Our team of professionals provide following services:

  • Advisory Services
  • Registration Services
  • Ask the Expert – legal advice, website, marketing
  • Books and Toolkit – developing policies and procedures
  • Checklists and Forms – customized producing of checklists and forms (pdf fill-able)
  • Arranging seminars and workshops
  • Providing Virtual assistance
  • Offering professional office address (for home-based professionals)

MoU Business Experts have created online courses keeping in view of your business requirement.