Professional Development Program


Name of Course: Understanding Emotional Intelligence Skills

Duration: Three-week (Online)

Objective: To increase confidence and skill with useful insights into how emotions shape your behavior and how you can use them to inspire high performance; and turning emotional intelligence into your strategic advantages.

Brief Description: Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize and manage emotions. You will learn as to how EI is vital for you to being an effective and high-performing member of any team. Business professionals who understand the connection between emotions and actions and can apply EI skills to maximize effectiveness have a stand-out advantage in any organization will be the core part of the seminar. Strategies as to how the emotionally intelligent people are more likely to avoid miscommunication, reach consensus, manage stress, and address conflicts effectively will be shared.

Suitability – Who Should Attend?
Career oriented students, young leaders, and business professionals who want to maximize their performance by increasing emotion management and self-understanding through emotional intelligence training from all tiers of management.

Course Content
Topic# 1 Basic Concepts of Emotional Intelligence
Topic# 2 Developing EI Competency Framework and Personal Power
Topic# 3 Emotional Intelligence and Self management
Topic# 4 Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

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