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About Us

No matter how many jobs you apply, it doesn’t matter if your resume is not selling skills. MOU Content Production Div. knows your Resume+ needs.

A resume is your first impression you leave on your potential employer. My Open University resume creating service is designed for people that already have an existing resume, but would like for it to be more effective. This service is aimed at presenting your information in a professional, result-oriented, and visually appealing manner through:

  • Tailoring it to target your industry
  • Highlighting your strengths and accomplishments
  • Reviewing your draft to ensure that all and the relevant employment information is provided
  • Organizing your information in a suitable resume format
  • Ensuring consistency of sentence structure and grammar
  • Ensuring your resume has all the right features and characteristics to in the best possible way

Resume Auditing

  • Our Resume Writing Experts, after having collected the relevant information from you:
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your experience, skills, qualification, and career objectives
  • Evaluate areas of employment you wish to seek
  • Develop content, strategy, structure, format, and approach that is best suited for you

Professional Services

Our Resume Writing Experts are professionally trained in providing following resume services:

  • Assisting clients with job search tactics
  • Holding one-to-one sessions with clients to explore options
  • Facilitating assessment to reveal client strengths and weaknesses
  • Helping clients to draw up action plans for employment and training
  • Helping clients to prepare for job applications and interviews
  • Referring clients to different local professional networks

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Cover Letter Review

A cover letter is a great opportunity and marketing tool. Don’t miss this opportunity with a basic letter that gets skimmed over in seconds. We provide cover letter review service for not only the cover letter but the appropriateness of the letter in light of the particular job being applied for. Our career advisers and mentors provide insight and feedback about how clear the messaging is, and gaps in material, which are essential to getting through to an interview.

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Mock Interview

My Open University’s interview mentoring and coaching services provides an analysis of the types of things employers are looking for in an interview, common salary negotiation tips, and typical questions that will be asked. Our one-on-one ‘Mock Interview’ sessions provide you the opportunity to practice in real-time interview management strategies and techniques.

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